And as you can see, the good thing of being studying here is that I have had the chance of non-stop filming since I got here. And, besides, has even give the chance of acting like you’ll see in this video.  This is an exercise for my Acting for Directors Class in where we have to be in front of the camera in order to understand how to direct actors…or at least try. Acting is as playful and painful as it can be…but Directing actors remain a mistery…You can’t just stay in the “action” verb, like saying : “now, cry” or “laugh” or “try to be angry”…That’s the kind of things that you should never say to an actor. You can talk them about the story, about the shallow intention, about the deep intention but how?…Actually, many of the best directors in history never say that much. And is better, specially when you think that actors are playing in front of a camera, with hundreds of people, with many lights on their faces, and with a very narrow range of movement. And even though they have to make us BELIEVE that what they’re doing is real and not acting. I was just playing : )

Este fue un ejercicio que hicimos para mi clase de Actuación para Directores. Para mi fue la primera vez frente a la cámara, actuando, pero fue muy divertido.


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11/20/2011 · 21:14

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