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In those days, when everything seems so distant and unfriendly,

when sadness lead your way and you cannot raise your head,

I surrender myself to everything that is around me.

I become conscious of the ground I am standing on.

I see, I hear, I smell

And the smell of the rain within my hair, always take me

to those landscapes where I belong.

Those landscapes where rain and fire are dancing in the same place.

My soul travel there and I feel like a warrior,

And I remember, I am battling my war

and I need to survive.

And there, lost in those soldiers files,

I dream with the ones that I love the most,

And I celebrate because they inhabit my being like just one.


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Una maleta de piedras preciosas

Based on the stories of Chinchilla’s world: mundo de Chinchilla

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And here are the photos that I took to do the credits of my semester film. This one is a story about a man who is obsessed with buying the Lottery and needs to find the right combination. We still working in the sound design but as it turned out to be a good one, we are going to a couple of local festivals before I upload it. So, stay tuned !

Some of the people that already seen the short film asked if I used the lomography camera to take these pics. But, the truth is…nope : P

Just a little PS magic!

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Hello and Happy Dragon New Year! (considering the date of the post). Here is an exercise that I shoted last month. Based on a text (that are the lines of the actors), we have to create the world of the characters, the shot list, the plot, etc. This kind of method calls the “checkovian” and is about learning what you can say between the “lines” without revealing anything until the end. Even though, there are many things to keep working and improving, I really liked the final result.




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