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Create your own rules

Follow your own vision

Enjoy the game

That seems to be the philosophy of Michael Puro, the protagonist of my semester film GAMBLIN’ MAN.  Michael enjoys playing any kind of games with numbers. He plays for the pleasure of playing. The result is the less important. Surviving the game is what matters.

I wrote, directed and edited this short film as part of my semester film. I was lucky to find an amazing crew; great actors; and real locations. The lottery store is in Chinatown ( which makes me feel in Bogotá; for those who know: Chinatown can be very similar to San Andresito but in mandarin). Also, Jimmy ( Michael’s antagonist) is the real owner of the lottery shop. I trained with him per two weeks in cantonese ( his english is more limited than mine jeje) and he tried to learnt all the script that I gave him : )  So, we pretty much, communicate with mimic and with the help of my producer, who was taiwanese. As a director, this was my biggest accomplishment.

Everybody was very involved in this project. Thanks again to all of them.

We shoot for 5 days in winter like good soldiers, like good players.

We still have a lot, lot of games to play.




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