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Porcella Indie Gogo Campaign

This is the video we shoot to raise funds for my upcoming short film PORCELLA. If you like this video and the idea that is explained in the indie-gogo campaign, you can join our band and help us make this movie. You’ll be part of our dvd tribute along with all the faces all the people that make us did this movie.

If you like this video and want to know more about the movie and help us making it, visit our indie gogo campaign and support us here:

 Welcome to Chinchilla band!

This video was shoot for the incredible cinematographer NICOLE LIBASSI. You can check her website here:


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Mi verdadero hogar está allí 

donde llega de cuanto me rodea

un llamado que me exije lo mejor que poseo,

pues eso inevitablemente me pone en contacto con lo universal.

R. Tagore

Sometimes, you feel so open to life…

that if someone will touch you,

you could probably melt.

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