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What’s the right camera for your movie?


I don’t usually write technical reviews on specific filmmaking stuff like cameras, but as these last days have been all about what is the right camera to rent for my movie PORCELLA; I think, I should share this with all the people who’re going through the same “horrible” decision.

And I mean “horrible”.  The right camera it’s a war between rental houses and cinematographers ego’s  (Much of the pro cinematographers that I’ve met lately refuse to shoot with the CANON 5D MARK II because they find it too amateur. Of course, everybody wants to shoot with the Alexa ( I mean, just look at Game of Thrones to blow your brain) or sometimes, with the RED EPIC. But, these cameras are very expensive and usually the budget of independent film is too limited for have such a privilege.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance of met Phillip Bloom, an english filmmaker, documentarist, photographer and a guy who expend part of his days testing any type of cameras and using his mom and dad as models for this ; ) He also has a very english sense of humor and fortunately for most of us, he writes this blog where he updates reviews on any kind of camera and gear outside the market.

If you’re any kind of filmmaker undecided, confuse and overwhelmed for the right camera for you; take a looK:

But remember, at the end, it’s all about the story, the “camera” is just the crispy part of it.


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