Behind the scenes

Along with the work on my short film Porcella, I’ve been invited as a Photographer for a couple of shootings in different places of this city.

These photos belong to a thriller short film call “TINIEBLAS” (like dark shadows) and the photos that I took were for making the book for the festivals circuits. The short film is inspired in classic – kitsch old horror movies of the 50’s. Directed by Niki Janowsky. Written by Dominick Capello. It’s gonna be super fun!

Principal cast of the movie: The good girl.

The bad boy. You’ll be seeing a lot about this guy in the next months. Stay tune with Aronofksy’s upcoming film.

One of the braid’s of Director Niki Janowski.

For some reason this remind me one of those very 80’s pics. 


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  1. We were happy to have you with us that night!!

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