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And the secret will be finally reveal it!!

We are thrill to announce that our short film PORCELLA is done and now is ready to screen and tour for the festivals. We took three months on the editing lab creating the color, the sound design, and the soundtrack and we finally finish this week. This is the story about Lucia a woman who has kept a secret from her husband for ten years and the night of their ten anniversary she is finally prepare to reveal it.

This was a film that I did as my thesis film to graduate as Filmmaker and Cinematographer, here in New York. Most than 40 people had already worked in this 13 min video and is already touring on festivals. No matter though, how the results are, the feeling of finish the movie is incredible.

Now, I will continue writing the next one!

I’ll keep you update to whoever read this blog with all the news about Porcella and the next movies to come

If you like this poster designed by my great friend and illustrator MIGUEL OTÁLORA, or feel curious in any or another way, visit our page:

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Este es el afiche oficial de mi corto Porcella. Acabo de postearlo porque me hace inmensamente feliz decir que ya terminamos la película y que ahora estamos listos para estrenarla a final de este año y para que se vaya de tour por cuanto festivales de cine del mundo venga!!!

El afiche fue diseñado por mi gran amigo y talentoso ilustrador-animador Miguel Otálora. (y sí, para los que sigan este blog él es el de “El necio”)

Salucita pues!!


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