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PORCELLA at Festival de Cannes 2013



Porcella at Festival of Cannes 2013

In an unexpected monday, I got the news that our short film PORCELLA has been selected for the FESTIVAL OF CANNES 2013 at the Short Film Corner Competition.

This is definitely something that keep us on the game of creating-surviving in this prolific visual world of cinéma.

Cheers to Chinchilla Band!


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02/25/2013 · 16:52

Chinchilla’s Reel 2013

I just noticed, the title of this post sounds like a championship racing or some, which is fun.But the video that you’re about to see it’s being nothing but a race. A race against anything that can interfere in the creating-surviving travel that we traced when we started making movies a couple of years ago. Luckily and gratefully, Chinchilla Band has found great people that has make this trip anything but fun. The good thing is that the race is going to continue and it’s not gonna get any slower. The bad thing is that there are not any, only get lost during the travel. But sometimes, get lost is even better than going on a straight direction. 

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02/25/2013 · 16:47