Episode 1: Finding Flamenco

Since I came to NYC, a lot of things have happened to me. I think, I could fill at least one fat book writing about them. New York is as terrific as terrible, as amazing as chaotic, as exclusive as open. But in such a contrast of cultures, chaos of languages, fast motion of people, it’s impossible not to jump in.

That’s why I decided to join with Porcella ( I called her like that but her real name is Paola Mathé) a series of episodes trying to catch a little “beat” of this unstoppable Transylvania. The web series calls “Finding Paola” because is about a haitian girl that features, film, and focus on the people and places that makes the apple the big apple-

Here is our first episode! Enjoy!


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06/04/2013 · 21:38

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