Que viva la Música

It’s been a while with no posting at all. The thing is that this year has been divided between shooting and editing. I’m spending half of my month shooting and the other half editing. Not to mention the little things that has to be done in my “must do” list for this year. Among others: “Learning to play chess”. Just until now, chess was quite of a terrifying, too complex board game. But not anymore. The entire story will come in a new video-but for instance here is part of what I’ve been doing in the last month:

First, here is a video that I did for Cartel Urbano magazine in Colombia. It’s an interview with colombian film director Carlos Moreno (“Dog eat dog”, “All your dead ones” “Escobar: el patrón del mal”) talking about his upcoming movie “Que viva la Musica”. Check it out!

Una entrevista que hice para Cartel Urbano con Carlos Moreno (Perro come perro, Todos tus muertos, Escobar: El patrón del Mal). Quise aprovechar el tema de la película y sobretodo, a su autor Andrés Caicedo para recorrer con Moreno un imaginario de los lugares en los que pudo haber estado Caicedo cuando en 1974 se encontraba en Estados Unidos buscando como vender sus guiones a una productora de cine de Hollywood. Agúzate bacalao!


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06/04/2013 · 20:55

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