A few months ago, I started to work on a music video for new yorker band “The Books”. Weeks of pre-production have passed since, until last week that we finished the shooting part.  One of the biggest concerns was to get the location. You’ll see …the music for this video has a very industrial, dusty almost post-nuclear atomic bomb sound. So, is the choreography created by Alan Danielson. As a director of the video, I wanted to shoot in a location with similar characteristics. A location that will act as another “character” of the video, not just as an ornament. For some, stinky smell that I sensed one day (which is very common in the streets of new york along with a wide variety of multicultural smells), I came with the idea of shooting in a fish market. Thanks to Arii, whom previously knew the biggest fish market on NYC , we went there at 3 am a couple of times trying to do some research. The location was perfect and it would it been perfect only if the manager would it like the idea of some “filmmakers” messing up with his fish. Anyways, after a flat “NO” ( I tend to be very persuasive), I had to look for other location immediately.

That was when I began a crusade along the boroughs looking for an abandoned place in NYC. I went to the top of Harlem, went down to Coney Island, head south to Rockaway and east to Greenpoint… But guess what? There are not such a thing as an “abandoned” place in NYC. Not at least, as we expected to be: a place that nobody cares while it’s been consumed by time and dust.  And that was the thing: the abandoned places in New York are owned for rich people wanting to build condominiums, or under security guards. Of course, I’m not naif or pretentious not to know that this city is huge and is a daily discover for something new. So, if anybody that is reading this knows about an actual abandoned place in NYC, it will be lovely if you share the information with us.

Meanwhile, I’m leaving some pics of the fish market along with some of other places that we found during the scouting:





_MG_9966 _MG_9985




_MG_9777 _MG_9774





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10/22/2013 · 18:04

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