The first time I heard the music of “The Books” was two years ago back in my country Colombia. (But this is a whole other story that I will keep for later).Three years later, I found their music again. This time in NYC and in a choreography that my great friend Alan Danielson, musician, dancer and school director of the Jose Limon School had created. His amazing choreography and the way the music flowed with the dancers motivated me to asked Alan to shoot a music video with this work. Then, I wrote a very personal email to The Books (Nick Zamutto and Paul de Jong), and Zammuto answered me immediately saying how much he liked the story that I have wrote on the email.

The Books actually split apart a couple of years ago and each of them continue their own music careers separately. But, why to do a music video of a band that don’t play longer together? – First answer: Why not? And second: Because the choreography and the music really match together, and these I have seen very few times. The photography, of course, should try to show this, not with amazing cameras or equipment but with shots and compositions that play with the angles and the irregular bits of the choreography. You’ll see this better on the video…

Meanwhile, here some photos of the storyboard that I shoot weeks before the actual shoot. Thanks to Ari Risola (Italy) and Victor González for following me in this experiment. To see more photos of the shoot, visit my behance site here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/YO-NO-SE/11654097

part 2-a first part-a subway - third part


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