Meanwhile in “Chinchi-land”…

Dear reader of this blog: For the last couple of months, we haven’t post or update anything on this blog but it’s not like we forgot about you. In fact, we are putting all our focus in a couple of film projects that will come to light in the next months. We finished last year with the “Osito agente special” challenge complete and like we said, we were also ending a period of doing small videos with really low or no budget at all 🙂 Last year was a great year of training and this one we feel ready to put it all in a couple of films that we’ve been writing and thinking for a couple of years now…but we’ll talk about this when time is right. We also have new members on the Chinchilla Band: some great- brilliant fellow-friends that we’ll introduce in the next days!!! Meanwhile, during these months I have comeback to one of my favorites jobs: Photography! And now I have a new camera with real “super powers”: A LEICA! So, here some of the photos that I took in a huge Yoga Festival, in Santandercito, Colombia a couple of weeks ago: Dear reader: Thank you! and gracias! Stay tune! we’re working for your pleasure only 😉 Hasta pronto! _1030181 _1030470 _1030472 _1030475 _1030550 _1030706 _1030754 L1030886 L1030929 _1030185 _1030283-2 _1030370 _1030591 _1030429 _1030438 _1030562 L1030861 isa instagram


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