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Hello everyone:

And after many months of work our make over is complete. I’m very happy to present to you the Chinchilla Films new site. Huge thanks to the great and talented illustrator Sonia Pérez  for designing the “chinchilla” and  Mayuko an incredible japanese graphic designer for the website:








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Episode 1: Finding Flamenco

Since I came to NYC, a lot of things have happened to me. I think, I could fill at least one fat book writing about them. New York is as terrific as terrible, as amazing as chaotic, as exclusive as open. But in such a contrast of cultures, chaos of languages, fast motion of people, it’s impossible not to jump in.

That’s why I decided to join with Porcella ( I called her like that but her real name is Paola Mathé) a series of episodes trying to catch a little “beat” of this unstoppable Transylvania. The web series calls “Finding Paola” because is about a haitian girl that features, film, and focus on the people and places that makes the apple the big apple-

Here is our first episode! Enjoy!

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06/04/2013 · 21:38