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And some days ago I was watching cartoons with my little cousin. He was thrilling watching “Special Agent Oso”. The cartoon didn’t keep my attention more than one minute, but it did a sentence that “Oso” repeated every time he had to solve a problem: “Sounds like a plan!”.

Not sure, if it was this sentence, or if he was the Oso “oso-meness” but I decided to make a plan myself. In less than three months, it’s gonna be my birthday and I’d love to be on time with some video projects that I have shot this year and haven’t published. These videos are some projects aside my goal of establishing Chinchilla Films as Film Company in my country, Colombia. However, these are videos that I’d love to share with you outside following Chinchilla, because we had so much fun when we did each of them.

So, I made a list like someone who’s following a plan of the videos that I’d be publishing for the next three months, so you guys can follow whether I’m able to complete my plan or not:

1. First video, is a mini-shortfilm that I did in a workshop with wonderful iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who visited my country for the first time this year.

2. A video that we shot on the colombian mountains with fellow filmmakers Winnie Cheung and Christopher Paz. It’s based on the “Magical Passes” by hispanic writer Carlos Castaneda. Starring: Or Illan.

3. And finally, after a year we will release the documentary “Pajarito Pinta’o”, shot last year in NYC and following the life of colombian dancer Daniel Fetecua.

Yes, definitely sound like a plan!

nuevo reto



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