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And some days ago I was watching cartoons with my little cousin. He was thrilling watching “Special Agent Oso”. The cartoon didn’t keep my attention more than one minute, but it did a sentence that “Oso” repeated every time he had to solve a problem: “Sounds like a plan!”.

Not sure, if it was this sentence, or if he was the Oso “oso-meness” but I decided to make a plan myself. In less than three months, it’s gonna be my birthday and I’d love to be on time with some video projects that I have shot this year and haven’t published. These videos are some projects aside my goal of establishing Chinchilla Films as Film Company in my country, Colombia. However, these are videos that I’d love to share with you outside following Chinchilla, because we had so much fun when we did each of them.

So, I made a list like someone who’s following a plan of the videos that I’d be publishing for the next three months, so you guys can follow whether I’m able to complete my plan or not:

1. First video, is a mini-shortfilm that I did in a workshop with wonderful iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who visited my country for the first time this year.

2. A video that we shot on the colombian mountains with fellow filmmakers Winnie Cheung and Christopher Paz. It’s based on the “Magical Passes” by hispanic writer Carlos Castaneda. Starring: Or Illan.

3. And finally, after a year we will release the documentary “Pajarito Pinta’o”, shot last year in NYC and following the life of colombian dancer Daniel Fetecua.

Yes, definitely sound like a plan!

nuevo reto



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Y hace poco estaba viendo con un primito de 5 años que tengo, una serie animada que se llama “Osito Agente Especial”. La serie no mantuvo mi atención por más de 1 minuto, pero si una frase que el Osito repetía cada vez que tenía que solucionar un problema: “Suena a reto!”. No sé si fue la palabra “reto” que últimamente se ha convertido en mi moto o el carisma del Osito, que decidí proponerme un: RETO.

En poco menos de tres meses voy a cumplir años y quisiera estar al día en todos esos trabajos que uno siempre deja pendientes. Esos que uno dice: “mañana lo hago”, pero la verdad es que no. Estos trabajos son paralelos al reto titánico que tenemos ahora de construir a Chinchilla Films como una verdadera Productora de Cine en Colombia.

Sin embargo, son trabajos que quiero cerrar porque todos han significado preciosos y muy divertidos momentos en este año y quiero compartirlo con todos ustedes que siguen las aventuras de Chinchilla

Así que como alguien que empieza un plan de cualquier cosa, y hace una lista para que no se le olvide y lo cumpla, aquí va la lista de los vídeos que estaré publicando en los próximos meses:

1. Cortometraje que realicé para el taller del cineasta iraní Abbas Kiarostami, quien estuvo por primera vez en Colombia este año.

2. Video inspirado en los “Pases Mágicos” de Carlos Castaneda y que realizamos con Or Illan, Winnie Cheung y Christopher Paz en las montañas de Choachí, Cundinamarca.

3.Y para cerrar el año, estreno del documental “Pajarito Pinta’o” rodado a finales del año pasado en NYC, con el bailarín colombiano Daniel Fetecua.

Sí! Definitivamente, suena a reto!

_H1A0254 1 pina 2


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The first time I heard the music of “The Books” was two years ago back in my country Colombia. (But this is a whole other story that I will keep for later).Three years later, I found their music again. This time in NYC and in a choreography that my great friend Alan Danielson, musician, dancer and school director of the Jose Limon School had created. His amazing choreography and the way the music flowed with the dancers motivated me to asked Alan to shoot a music video with this work. Then, I wrote a very personal email to The Books (Nick Zamutto and Paul de Jong), and Zammuto answered me immediately saying how much he liked the story that I have wrote on the email.

The Books actually split apart a couple of years ago and each of them continue their own music careers separately. But, why to do a music video of a band that don’t play longer together? – First answer: Why not? And second: Because the choreography and the music really match together, and these I have seen very few times. The photography, of course, should try to show this, not with amazing cameras or equipment but with shots and compositions that play with the angles and the irregular bits of the choreography. You’ll see this better on the video…

Meanwhile, here some photos of the storyboard that I shoot weeks before the actual shoot. Thanks to Ari Risola (Italy) and Victor González for following me in this experiment. To see more photos of the shoot, visit my behance site here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/YO-NO-SE/11654097

part 2-a first part-a subway - third part

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