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Hace tres meses decidimos que íbamos a publicar todos los videos que hubiéramos rodado en este año. Esos videos fueron tres: 1. “Continuará” (cortometraje que hicimos para un taller con Abbas Kiarostami a comienzos de este año). 2. “Pajarillo Pinta’o” nuestro muy querido documental que sigue los pasos del bailarín colombiano Daniel Fetecua; y 3: “Los Pases Mágicos del Jaguar”, inspirado en los libros de “Don Juan” de Carlos Castaneda. 

Estamos infinitamente agradecidos con todas las manos y corazones que nos ayudaron a hacer esto: a querer contar historias solo por el placer de hacerlo, tan necesario y vital para nosotros como respirar. Pensamos también que este reto es la culminación de pequeños trabajos personales que han hecho crecer a Chinchilla Films, y la han llevado a conocer grandes y hermosas personas para seguir haciendo esto que tanto nos mueve.
Con este video culminamos una etapa maravillosa y ahora nos preparamos para concentrarnos en dos proyectos grandes que tomarán mucho más tiempo y preparación antes de que puedan ver la luz. Sobre esos proyectos les hablaremos cuando el tiempo sea correcto.A todos ustedes que leen las aventuras de Chinchilla, MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por estar ahi: nos inspiran a hacer y deshacer, y seguir haciendo Por ahora, los dejamos esta tarde con: LOS PASOS MAGICOS DEL JAGUAR:

PS. Gracias especiales al Osito Agente Espacial.



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12/30/2014 · 10:00

Yo no se

Hello everyone:

This past month I have been working on different projects while we advance with that “Chinchilla Films” new makeover that we have announced before.

One of this projects is a music video for new yorker band “The Books”. The video will be inspired in a dance piece created by the great Alan Danielson (dancer, musician and Artistic Director of the Jose Limon School), whom I partnership along with Temporary Residence (label of The Books) to make this video.

We will retreat for a while until the video is done because this demands a lot of focus mind.

Stay in touch and read a “book” 😉


Y mientras que avanzamos en la remodelación de “Chinchilla Films”, estaremos haciendo un video musical para “The books” ( “Los libros”) Una banda new-yorkina que durante una década han desarrollado un sonido que “aún permanece inclasificable” ( en sus propias palabras).

A pesar de ser inclasificable, Alan Danielson ( bailarín, coreógrafo, músico, y Director de José Limón) creó unas piezas de danza sobre algunas de las canciones de ellos.
Y al ver esto, decidimos que necesitábamos hacer un video usando las piezas y la música de “Los libros”. Luego, nos contactamos con ellos y el resto es historia.

Pronto volveremos con más noticias sobre este video y demás!

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09/10/2013 · 12:10

Hasta pronto!

CHINCHILLA FILMS is going to be away for a short period of time. We’re gonna have a full make over and we’ll be back with more Chinchilla’s world for you all.

Meanwhile, a little video to say “Hasta Pronto”

Stay tuned for everything that is coming! 😉

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08/01/2013 · 18:10


Hello everyone! This is the second episode of the Finding Paola web series. This time, we went to the Governor’s Island where every year they celebrate a festival called “Figment”. It’s probably one of the most creative and open festival that are in New York City. But, I think the images can speak better about it. Enjoy!


07/01/2013 · 14:31


And finally, but not less important. Here is the trailer of my short film Porcella. More news of Porcella coming soon.


06/04/2013 · 21:53

Episode 1: Finding Flamenco

Since I came to NYC, a lot of things have happened to me. I think, I could fill at least one fat book writing about them. New York is as terrific as terrible, as amazing as chaotic, as exclusive as open. But in such a contrast of cultures, chaos of languages, fast motion of people, it’s impossible not to jump in.

That’s why I decided to join with Porcella ( I called her like that but her real name is Paola Mathé) a series of episodes trying to catch a little “beat” of this unstoppable Transylvania. The web series calls “Finding Paola” because is about a haitian girl that features, film, and focus on the people and places that makes the apple the big apple-

Here is our first episode! Enjoy!

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06/04/2013 · 21:38

Que viva la Música

It’s been a while with no posting at all. The thing is that this year has been divided between shooting and editing. I’m spending half of my month shooting and the other half editing. Not to mention the little things that has to be done in my “must do” list for this year. Among others: “Learning to play chess”. Just until now, chess was quite of a terrifying, too complex board game. But not anymore. The entire story will come in a new video-but for instance here is part of what I’ve been doing in the last month:

First, here is a video that I did for Cartel Urbano magazine in Colombia. It’s an interview with colombian film director Carlos Moreno (“Dog eat dog”, “All your dead ones” “Escobar: el patrón del mal”) talking about his upcoming movie “Que viva la Musica”. Check it out!

Una entrevista que hice para Cartel Urbano con Carlos Moreno (Perro come perro, Todos tus muertos, Escobar: El patrón del Mal). Quise aprovechar el tema de la película y sobretodo, a su autor Andrés Caicedo para recorrer con Moreno un imaginario de los lugares en los que pudo haber estado Caicedo cuando en 1974 se encontraba en Estados Unidos buscando como vender sus guiones a una productora de cine de Hollywood. Agúzate bacalao!

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06/04/2013 · 20:55


This is the pilot of the upcoming web series “Finding Paola”. With producer and blogger Paola Mathé (aka Porcella) decided to band together and start this series about finding New York City culture in a creative, honest, and innovative way. We find, we film, we feature, and we focus on the faces, places and ideas that create the authenticity of New York City.

This is our first pilot and every thursday at the end of each month we’ll bring more episodes for you.
And if you like it Join us, share, spread the word:


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03/29/2013 · 21:32

Chinchilla’s Reel 2013

I just noticed, the title of this post sounds like a championship racing or some, which is fun.But the video that you’re about to see it’s being nothing but a race. A race against anything that can interfere in the creating-surviving travel that we traced when we started making movies a couple of years ago. Luckily and gratefully, Chinchilla Band has found great people that has make this trip anything but fun. The good thing is that the race is going to continue and it’s not gonna get any slower. The bad thing is that there are not any, only get lost during the travel. But sometimes, get lost is even better than going on a straight direction. 

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02/25/2013 · 16:47


And as you can see, the good thing of being studying here is that I have had the chance of non-stop filming since I got here. And, besides, has even give the chance of acting like you’ll see in this video.  This is an exercise for my Acting for Directors Class in where we have to be in front of the camera in order to understand how to direct actors…or at least try. Acting is as playful and painful as it can be…but Directing actors remain a mistery…You can’t just stay in the “action” verb, like saying : “now, cry” or “laugh” or “try to be angry”…That’s the kind of things that you should never say to an actor. You can talk them about the story, about the shallow intention, about the deep intention but how?…Actually, many of the best directors in history never say that much. And is better, specially when you think that actors are playing in front of a camera, with hundreds of people, with many lights on their faces, and with a very narrow range of movement. And even though they have to make us BELIEVE that what they’re doing is real and not acting. I was just playing : )

Este fue un ejercicio que hicimos para mi clase de Actuación para Directores. Para mi fue la primera vez frente a la cámara, actuando, pero fue muy divertido.

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11/20/2011 · 21:14